Call Out for Volunteers

Greetings Young at Heart Friends and Family;

The busy season is upon us. I think they named it Spring, because it is like we have all sprung out of the ground! It’s like something has turned a switch, and those of us in the cooler climates, especially have all sprung to life… weddings, graduations, baptisms and other Religious events, Mother’s/Father’s Day, vacations, reunions and weekend get-aways…. 

There is no exception at Young at Heart, except there is generally less planning and less expense. In fact, we have a few FREE events coming up. Everyone is invited. BUT, we are looking for a couple of Volunteers that might be willing to help a bit. Here are the opportunities:

Monday, May 15th 12:00-2:00, is the Spring Tea and Baby Shower. Come join the fun, play a few games, donate a gift to Lighthouse for Teen Mom’s, and enjoy a light lunch with tea, petit four sandwiches and sweet treats. All for $5.00!!!   See the attached flyer for more information. 

Saturday, May 8th 8:00-11:00 AM is the Creston Neighborhood Pancake Breakfast. YAH will have a promotional, informative booth. Stop by and say “Hi.” It will be held inside and outside at Creston Brewery at the intersection of Plainfield and Buffalo. If you have time, take a few moments to relieve one of our volunteers, so they too can enjoy the pancakes and look at the other booths.

Wednesday, May 17th 9:00 – 1:00 is the Area Agency on Aging Senior Rally Day and Open House. Demonstrations, Resource Tables, Games and Give Aways… RSVP for your free lunch! ASAP!!! YAH will have a Resource Table at this event also. Come, enjoy the fun and learn more about programs and issues impacting your life today. Again, if you have the chance, stop by, say “Hi” to our Volunteers. If you can stay for a few minutes, our Volunteers would love a short break to eat and see the action, also.

Would you like to be a part of a Community Garden??? For the past couple of years, Young at Heart Volunteers have helped plant, water and harvest the produce at the Creston Community garden. The produce is then passed along to YAH participants, or donated to the Food and Clothing Pantry at St. Alphonsus. Once again, we are looking for Volunteers to help plant, water and harvest. It does not take much time. The rewards are beautiful, flavorful and fruitful!!!  

Lastly, are you willing to help bake, sell, or staff History Lane???  St. Alphonsus will be celebrating 135 years!!!!  There will be a weekend of fun activities starting Friday June 16 – Sunday June 18th. Proceeds from Saturday, June 17th,  Bake Sale 8:00-11:00 (during Breakfast) will help support the Young at Heart Program. We are looking for people who are willing to donate a few baked goods and/or help collect the donations at the sale. We are also looking for a few individuals who can visit with participants in the classrooms that will have memorabilia, videos, and old photos from the archives. We have a variety of time slots on Saturday and Sunday for the History Lane memorabilia. (The attached flyer will tell you about Friday night’s campfire event.) 

Whew!!!! Think I got it all!!!

Hoping you will Spring into one of our events and help us out. The more the merrier….  Many hands make light work… you all know the cliches. Hope to see ya soon!!!