Updated February Calendar + More!

Hello Young at Heart Friends and Family;

What a fun time participants had enameling copper and making a memorable piece of jewelry during a wintery day! Sadly, I do not have any pictures. We hope Joan will come back another day! 

Due to the weather cancellations and other factors, there have been a few changes made to the February Calendar. I have adapted the Technology Support Class topics to accommodate for the cancellations. I have also changed the dates for Bingo and Wit’s Workout. 

In February, we will be starting two new series and hosting a wonderful presenter: 

  • Wits Work-out is an engaging, interactive and educational brain health program crafted by the University of Illinois Extension. The program will challenge your short- and long-term memory and increase focus and attention. It is designed to teach a few tips about diet, exercise and sleep, all in a light-hearted manner. Come join us. The more the merrier. Each lesson will have a different theme. 
  • World’s Greatest Geological Wonders takes us on a journey through 36 Spectacular Sites! This is a video series from “The Great Courses.” Be amazed by this great planet, Earth, as Professor Michael Wysession from Washington University in St. Louis, shares his great passion and knowledge. Each episode will be followed by a short virtual travelogue about one of the regions discussed in the video.
  • Paula Creswell will come and share her personal story, inviting us to “care for the least of these,” through a simple and safe ministry of writing letters/ sending cards to prisoners. This is a great way to start off Lent. Cards For Prisoners is a program through 70×7 Life Recovery that connects individuals with the names and addresses of incarcerated men and women, and provides them with instructions for corresponding, thus allowing you to give hope and support to an inmate from the comfort of your own home.  Cards for Prisoners goal is to show the love of Christ to people who are incarcerated to give them hope and let them know they have value and purpose.  You never give your last name; you use our PO Box as your return address and all letters from inmates come to us at the PO Box so we can screen them to make sure they are appropriate. We also provide you with everything you need to write for the first year! What a great way to “visit those in prison!”
  • Check out Young at Heart 2023: A Year in Review. Funding allows us the opportunity to provide quality programming, continue to enhance current collaborations, and build new collaborations in creative ways. Young at Heart has completed 9 years of programming.

Hopefully we are past the weather cancellations, and we can gather safely. 

God’s Peace,