Easter Blessings

Hello Young at Heart Friends and Family;    


Spring is near. With Spring comes work. Time to clean the yard, the garage, hit the car wash, declutter a bit, plant a little color… This can be fun, work and play. I can almost smell the grill and hear the kids at the splash pad!!  

Here is a note from our neighboring park, Belknap. For our Pickleball Players, this is a great opportunity to give back! Saturday, April 8th, 11:00 am. Come and Help out with spring cleaning for a few hours and enjoy the courts for the entire outdoor season. Bring work gloves, leaf blowers, rakes, brooms, tall ladders (for hanging windscreens), a few tarps for hauling leaves away from courts, etc.  Our goal is to… Get all of the courts blown off and cleaned.  Leaves removed from walkways.  Shade structures and windscreens up.  Nets and posts up.  

YAH will be closed on Monday, April 10th as we extend our Easter Celebration!

On Wednesday, April 12 @ 10:00-11:30 the Calvin Nursing students will be presenting education and teaching on Diabetes, High blood pressure, and Arthritis. They will teach on what each diagnosis is, their risk factors, and how to manage them. The nursing students will take time to present and teach on each diagnosis individually and hit the three areas mentioned above. We would love anyone to come and participate in the teaching! They will also be offering blood pressure and glucose screenings.

Line Dancing is HERE!!! Wednesday, April 12th at 12:45-2:00 our first class is starting. The RSVP list is filling fast. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity!!!  The class will meet in the Parish Center gym. Please arrive early to get registered.

Monday, April 17th at 1:00 YAH will have a special presentation on the Irish Harp. Nancy Patten will be sharing the history of the Irish Harp, Harpers and Harpists. She will be playing music from different eras in this 45-minute presentation, followed by Q&A. Please RSVP to help with planning space.
Oh so much good stuff!!! So many opportunities to learn, work, play, and help others! Hoping you join us!

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