Hello Young at Heart Friends and Family;

This Wednesday, YAH will be watching Jack Lemmon, in the 1998 film, “The Long Way Home.” Many of us can remember times when our journey took a different route then we had planned, a route that we didn’t understand, but either felt compelled to follow, or it just felt right, for no reason. Sometimes we later see it as a foolest endeavor, other times, we realize all we learned, opportunities we never would have otherwise experienced. Sometimes our spiritual journeys can feel the same way, like either we are on the scenic route, or the route to nowhere… 

Sometimes I think YAH is the same way… following a path carved out by another, that we just follow and hope it takes us to places where we meet friends and can call home. 

Starting on April 12th YAH will be offering Line Dancing from 12:30-2:00.  Hopefully this can be a fun and healthy stop along your journey… 

On Monday, April 17th YAH will also be hosting Nancy Patten, an accomplished harper, who will be sharing with us the history of the Irish Harp and the music it has inspired throughout the generations. Yep, even a harp can have its own journey!

Hopefully, you will join us on our travels, as we meet new people, have new experiences, remember old friends and familiar places, and embrace this long, yet short journey of Life. 

Lenten Blessings to All,

Virginia Scholten


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